Secure, collaborative environment to share corporate information to users inside or outside of your network

Search, view and collaborate

Extend your collaborative environment to users outside of your organization

Cross platform

Reach all of your users with support for any web enabled device


User centric interface, with configurable search and browsing options


Web based editing and co-authoring


Leverage security controls direct from your document management system

Secure by design

Maintain control of your single source of truth

Access and security

Use record metadata to control which records are published


Connect to your existing authentication mechanisms to restrict user access

Audit and track

Monitor how your corporate information is used in the public domain

Flexible pricing models

Only pay for what your organisation needs

  • Maximum of 2 tabs.
  • Either an internal or external instance.
  • Maximum of 4 tabs.
  • Either an internal or external instance.
  • Optional document editing.*
  • Optional SaaS hosting.
  • Maximum of 8 tabs.
  • Internal and external instances.
  • Optional document editing.*
  • Optional co-authoring.*
  • Optional On-Premises or SaaS hosting.
* Subject to document management system licensing.
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